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A conestoga trailer is a flatbed frame trailer with a rolling tarp-on-frame.

Dry Van

The whole interior of a dry van serves as protection for cargo from the weather.


A flatbed truck is a sizable vehicle without sides or a roof around the bed and having a flat body.

Full Truckload

One truck is used to transport a single shipment from one location to another in a full truckload.


Transporting hazardous and dangerous materials, is known as hazmat trucking.

Hotshot Trucking

Flatbed trailers pulled by medium-duty trucks are typically used to deliver hot shot loads.

LTL Truckload

Transporting goods that don’t require a full truckload is known as less than truckload freight.

Oversized Load

Any load that is larger than the maximum legal width, height, and/or length allowed is considered an oversize load.

Power Only

In a power-only delivery, the driver tows a trailer that is owned by a 3PL or shipper, rather than bringing their own.


Reefers come with an operational cooling system and you can carry both frozen and chilled freight.

RGN Transportation

RGN trailers are a kind of flat deck trailer that can transport a variety of bulky things that wouldn’t fit within an enclosed environment.


These trucks have a sizable tank attached to the vehicle to transport liquids and gases.